nsw naati 驾照翻译是否有效?

这个问题众说纷纭,我们还是看一下权威的nsw 路局的说法,这样大家用起来心里有底,到底能不能用,该怎么在NSW来用。

官网链接: http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/roads/licence/visiting-nsw.html

If you’re a visitor to NSW, you can drive on your current licence, as long as it hasn’t been suspended or disqualified, and you follow the NSW road rules.如果你是nsw的游客,你可以用你现在的中国驾照驾车,前提是:你的中国驾照没有被吊销,并且遵守nsw道路交通规则。

Driving in NSW on an overseas licence


If you hold an overseas licence, you are allowed to drive the vehicles covered by your overseas licence in NSW indefinitely, as long as:


  • You remain a temporary overseas visitor
  • 你一直持有临时签证,例如:旅游签证、学生签证、陪读签证,只要不是澳洲绿卡或者公民,都属于临时签证
  • Your overseas licence remains current
  • 你的中国驾照没过期
  • You have not been disqualified from driving in NSW or anywhere else
  • 在nsw或者其它地方,你没有被禁止驾车
  • You have not had your licence suspended or cancelled, or your visiting driving privileges withdrawn
  • 你的中国驾照没有被吊销
  • You carry your overseas driver or rider licence. If your licence is not written in English, you must also carry an English translation, or an International Driving Permit.
  • 驾车时候,携带中国驾照。如果你的驾照不是英文,必须携带英文翻译件。

You don’t have to get a NSW licence if you comply with these conditions, and can prove your genuine visitor status to NSW Police, if required. 如果你没有nsw 驾照,只要你符合上述条件,并向警察证明你的临时签证身份,就可以在nsw驾车。

总结:在nsw,只要不是澳洲绿卡或者公民,是可以用naati驾照翻译件开车的,符合nsw路局的要求。 澳洲卓越翻译公司提供NAATI驾照翻译,可以在全澳开车、租车。全澳警察局、路局、车行、保险公司认可。

Permanent residents


If you’re a permanent resident of Australia under the Commonwealth Migration Act 1958, you can drive or ride on a current overseas licence for a maximum of three months from the date you arrive in Australia. To keep driving, you need to obtain (not just apply for) a NSW licence within this three month period. See Moving to NSW for more information.

如果你已经获得澳洲绿卡,可以用现在有效起内的中国驾照开车3个月,这三个月从你登陆澳洲算起。 过了这三个月,你需要考取nsw驾照。




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